Codify is run by four PhD students and a postdoctoral researcher with a passion for coding. We are based in the School of Physics in Trinity College Dublin. If you would like to get in touch with the team you can email us at

Seán Blake

Seán is a 4th year PhD student in Trinity’s Astrophysics Research Group. He uses Python heavily in his research on geomagnetic storms and induced currents in the Irish power network, as well as more fun projects like poker calculators and web-scrapers.
Aoife McCloskey

Aoife is a 3rd year PhD student in the Astrophysics Research Group at Trinity College Dublin. Her research involves using Python to process and analyse large quantities of data in order to try and predict solar flares. She is also passionate about teaching and has a great deal of previous experience, including teaching coding throughout her time at Trinity.
Laura Hayes

Laura is a solar physicist PhD student working with the Astrophysics Research Group at Trinity College Dublin. Her research focuses on analysis of solar flare observations from both ground-based and satellite instruments. She utilizes Python a main tool in this work, particularly in time series analysis and image processing techniques.

Diana Morosan

Diana is a postdoctoral researcher in the Astrophysics Research Group in Trinity College Dublin working on predicting the aurora using Python. She has completed a PhD in solar physics also in Trinity College using Python to analyse large data volumes from next generation radio telescopes, such as the Low Frequency Array.
Colin O’Callaghan

Colin is a physics PhD student in the theory and modeling group TCD. He uses Python in his everyday research to simulate advanced materials being researched in TCD. Colin has vast teaching experience, computer programming in particular, having taught in TCD over the past 3 years.